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Kutoka kushoto ni Mkuu wa kamati ya tuzo hizo Aunt Sadaka akiongea na waandishi wa habari, katikati ni Mkurugenzi wa Frontline Management Irene Kiwia, na kulia ni aliekuwa Miss World Africa Nancy Sumari ambae ni events director wa Frontline

Frontline Management launches Tanzania Women of Achievement AwardsFrontline Management, a local Events and PR company introduces the Tanzania Women of Achievement Awards.
These prestigious awards seek to recognize women in different sectors, currently working in the geographical boundaries of Tanzania, paying tribute to the most exceptional and achieving women in the country who have not only achieved success in their own respective fields but who have made a tangible difference in communities and society as a whole.

“Tanzanian women have long been at the forefront of achieving political, economical and social equality in our country. They have worked passionately over many years for uplifting and increasing prosperity of their families and communities in general.

It is due time that these efforts are acknowledged and commended “said Irene Kiwia, managing director of Frontline Management.

Kiwia further explained “We aim for the Awards to grow and enjoy national status as the pre-eminent awards for women and gain the interest of Tanzanians, the public and the private sectors as by highlighting individual successes the awards both celebrates the incredible achievement of women and provide crucial role models to encourage more women to follow in their footsteps.”
All women of all ages, background and social status are invited to participate as long as their work has been prominent in the last 3 years and have improved the social and economic situation of the community and Tanzania as a whole.

All Tanzanians are encouraged to participate, urged Mrs. Sadaka Gandi the head of the awards committee “we encourage Tanzanians to come forward and nominate themselves, friends, family or colleagues.
We need more heroes and role models in Tanzania as without heroes, we are all plain people, and don’t know how far we can go.”The judging sessions will include a committee of 8 outstanding Tanzanians from different aspects of life who will select three finalists in each of the eleven Award categories – Arts and Culture, Information & Communication; Public Sector; Young Achiever; Business Entrepreneurs; Education; Health; Science & Technology; Social Welfare; Agriculture, and Sport.
The finalists will undergo individual interviews by the panel of judges to determine a winner per category, as well as establish who will be presented with the overall Woman of the Year accolade. Nancy Sumari,the events director at Frontline Management said, ‘The category winners and overall winner will be announced during a gala event that will take place on the 27th of November 2009 at the Mlimani City Hall where the winners will receive cash money prize, trophy and recognition.

The nomination forms can be obtained and filled online at or call: 0614 105 186Email ;